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Super Bad!

Here's a flashback post from our backyard in Sahuarita....

I think that I've mentioned on several occasions how bad a javelina smells? Imagine, if you will, the perfect combination of skunk and manure, with perhaps a touch of rotten meat...ok?

Last Thursday morning, around 10 am, I let the dogs out to do their business.We were greeted with that lovely stench coming from a ragtag bunch (about 12 javelinas) that had overtaken the yard! So we made a U-turn and headed back into the house! After watching them for a few moments, I realized that they were not moving on, so I thought I had better go out and investigate whatever was keeping them occupied....

It appeared they had breached Todd's last remaining plant barricade, and were having one hell of a party! I tried to shoo them off, but was quickly aware that I was surrounded, so thought better of pissing them off, and left them to their javennanigans...

Which included decapitating poor St. Francis!

Their plundering rampage kept them busy for several hours until they had full tummies and worn themselves out. But instead of moving on, they made themselves at home. Todd's backyard was now a javelina jotel, littered with glutenous pigs! All twelve had picked out a comfy spot and crashed...

Pulllease!...Now how can you be mad at that! Awwwww!

They were still in the midst of their little siesta when Todd got home from work at 4 pm (they had been here all day!)...I warned them that they had better be gone before Todd got home and found out what they did!!! There was gonna be hell to pay!

But would they go?....Hell no!

It just kept getting worse! Auuughhhh! F'ing Javelina!

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