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Dirt Monkey Daycare

Dirt Monkeys.....Arrrrrgh! They keep Todd busy, trying to defend the yard against their appetite for anything freshly planted, and the 'holey' havoc they create! This time of year, there is a mass explosion of babies emerging from their underground nests to explore their new above-play-ground... So cute and funny...and so hard to resist!

The baby dirt monkeys play all day. Chasing each other, tumbling around wrestling. The desert heat doesn't even slow these little fuzz balls down. They tentatively approach babies from other families to touch noses and check each other out. It's sweet to watch their affectionate displays of friendship.

The 'dirt mommies' are very protective and precise in teaching their babies the art of mass destruction!

This is how we dubbed them 'Dirtmonkeys'... (a.k.a. Round tail squirrels). They love to climb trees and hang out!

It's hard to hate these little guys....they even play well with others...

It's really a Love/Hate relationship we have with dirt monkeys. Adorable, but also rather unexpectedly brutal. We have seen adults attack and eat baby quail as well as eating their own! We do know someone though, who always LOVES these little critters....

Bon Appetit!

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