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Todd's Backyard

A Desert Dweller's Digest

Todd’s backyard is more than a just a yard, more than just a place. It’s an experience.  My husband Todd and I have lived in the wilds of the southern Arizona desert for the past 20 years. Here we have seen the most amazing, beautiful and even horrifying things…Just off of our back porch! This blog has become an unfolding story about our family, friends and critters living in a heavenly and harsh desert world. Over the years of writing this blog our life has evolved. Ours is a story of heartbreak, redemption and many blessings! It started in Sahaurita and now our home is at Elephant Head. 

In the process of resuming the Todd's Backyard blog, I will be posting some of the more memorable stories from the old blog along with current happenings around the yard. We hope that you enjoy! Welcome to our world....



Todd's Backyard Sahaurita

In 2003 we moved to Sahuarita Arizona. Over the next 15 years, Todd transformed our desolate desert backyard into a paradise.  This is Todd's Backyard Sahaurita..

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